Enabling SaaS entrepreneurs access to frictionless capital.

Tapline is a trading platform that enables companies with recurring revenues to receive non-dilutive, non-debt funding, while providing investors with an attractive 12-month return. Turn your subscriptions into instant capital. Today.

Why Tapline?

We solve funding for you, so you can focus on growing your business on your terms

Fundraising can be time consuming, dilutive to your equity and takes you away from your day-to-day operations.

Tapline is the solution for your funding needs.

For Companies

Transform your recurring revenue into instant payout

1. Connect your existing tools

Connect your subscription manager, accounting software and let our platform convert your subscriptions into tradable assets.

2. Select subscriptions to trade

Select the subscriptions which you want to trade for instant capital.

3. Fast Payout!

Get funded today to grow your business in a non-debt, non-dilutive way. Your end clients are not impacted.

This is tapline

A powerful exchange to trade your subscriptions into instant capital

Trade, manage and track the performance of your subscriptions.  

For Investors

We are unlocking revenue as an asset class.
A 12-month cash-flow, alternative to money market and fixed income products today.

1. Attractive returns

High-yield equivalent returns are obtainable, depending on the discount bid accepted.

2. Stable, fixed income

Predictable 12-month cash flows.

3. Flexible and secure platform

See the performance of your investments in realtime on our easy to use platform.

A new Asset class for Investors

All-in-one investment platform with attractive return opportunity

Keep track of your returns and discover new investment opportunities.

Participate in our early access program as a SaaS company or an investor!

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