Giving founders the financial resources needed to overcome barriers to funding

Peter Grouev (CIO) & Dean Hastie (CEO), Co-Founders

"At Tapline, we are dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and helping them achieve success. That's why we've developed the perfect financing solution for digital business entrepreneurs, tailored to their unique needs and goals."

Dean Hastie, Co-founder and CEO

Our Story

Founded by a team of ex-bankers, venture builders and technologists, we know the ins and outs of raising capital. Being exposed to the industry presented numerous flaws with traditional funding solutions. Slow funding rounds, personal guarantees and equity dilution are only a few of the countless problems. There needed to be another approach. A better way that truly unlocks funding. That’s why we created Tapline and created an innovative solution by fusing our technical expertise with finance know-how.

Our mission

We are here for you, the ambitions entrepreneur changing the status quo. We want you to have access to an instant, transparent, and non-dilutive capital solution, so you can focus on what you do best: building innovative businesses

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