Giving founders the financial resources needed to overcome barriers to funding.

In a world where accessing frictionless funding is challenging, Tapline is the solution to reach new heights and achieve exponential growth.

Founded by a team of ex-bankers, venture builders and technologists, we know the ins and outs of raising capital. Being exposed to the industry presented numerous flaws with traditional funding solutions. Slow funding rounds, personal guarantees and equity dilution are only a few of the countless problems. There needed to be another approach. A better way that truly unlocks funding. That’s why we created Tapline and created an innovative solution by fusing our technical expertise with finance know-how.

Tapline enables subscription-based companies to turn 12 months of forecasted recurring revenue into upfront cash. As a result, founders get the capital they need today for tomorrow’s growth and expansion. On the other hand, Tapline brings investors a state-of-the-art asset class by providing exposure to the predictability of recurring revenues. Finally a solution that bridges the gap between subscription-based companies and investors.

We aim to be the #1 funding solution for subscription-based companies in Europe.

Peter Grouev (CIO) & Dean Hastie (CEO), Co-Founders

We are on a mission to bring exponential growth to companies while they scale.

To meet key performance indicators and scale your business, unlocking funding is imperative. Capital-intensive companies often require funding to hire the best engineering teams, designers, marketers and everything in between. Funding enables you to grow exponentially by 100%, 1000% and beyond. Tapline provides upfront funding to support your business while scaling to its true potential.


As a leading global early-stage investor, we look at a founding team’s strong domain expertise, clarity of vision, team cohesion and dynamics as well as their ability to execute quickly. The Tapline team exceedingly ticks all these boxes and we are very excited to be a part of their journey of bringing an innovative and well differentiated solution to the revenue based finance market.

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