How anybill solved their cash flow needs for growth

21. March 2024
2 mins read


In the constantly changing SaaS industry, companies frequently encounter financial obstacles that require creative and unique solutions. anybill, a prominent SaaS company that provides digital receipt solutions, recently found itself in a similar situation due to a slowdown in funding opportunities.

However, the company successfully overcame these challenges by leveraging Tapline’s solution. Jan Sobota, the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of anybill, recently highlighted the pivotal role Tapline played in ensuring the smooth execution of their projects.


1. The cooling funding environment challenge:

anybill, as an early-stage SaaS company, needed funding to support its growth initiatives without impacting its cash flow. The cooling funding environment prompted them to seek alternative financial solutions.


2. Choosing Tapline’s Financing:

Facing the need for an alternative financing solution, anybill turned to Tapline for its friendly and professional approach. Jan Sobota, the CFO of anybill, highlighted the instrumental role that Tapline played in the company’s success during a particularly challenging period. anybill’s decision to choose Tapline was driven by their need for a financing solution that aligned seamlessly with the company’s objectives and milestones.


3. Minimize Cash Flow Disruptions:

Tapline’s flexible and transparent solution allowed anybill to minimize disruptions and ensure a steady cash flow. anybill was able to focus on expanding their business and achieving their long-term goals with confidence.


Tapline: We are happy to be your reliable financial partner.

Tapline’s team demonstrated a level of financial expertise and provided a client experience that was unmatched in the industry. The collaborative effort between anybill and Tapline was a true partnership, with both parties working together to tailor financial solutions that were specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of anybill’s business model.

As a result, Tapline opened the doors to new strategic investments and growth opportunities that would have otherwise been unavailable.


anybill’s CFO words

“We opted for Tapline’s dynamic financing solution for their pragmatic and friendly approach, which ensured a smooth experience. Their solution helped us realize growth projects, aligning perfectly with our company’s objectives and milestones.” Jan Sobota

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