How Tapline empowered HYRE’s SaaS platform development

23. October 2023
2 mins read

Unlike traditional job platforms, HYRE is an expert digital talent-matching platform for sales professionals in Germany, it connects businesses in the region with driven, proficient, and fully vetted sales experts who share their goals.

With the growing number of highly skilled sales talents and companies on the platform, they required additional funding to invest in the development of their solution.

At this stage of their journey, they looked for a partner that financially empowers SaaS companies to help them broaden their offerings and diversify the platform’s services to meet their client’s needs and stay ahead of the competition.

Through their search for a partner, they turned to Tapline’s financing solution and together, we began the success path…


Hyre X Tapline


Non-dilutive funding partners


When HYRE first registered to Tapline’s platform, they discovered several advantages over traditional options. As they needed a non-dilutive solution to invest in their product development and diversify the services for their talents and businesses, they opted to secure funding through Tapline.

“It has been great to find a partner like Tapline who quickly understood our business challenges but also believed in the ability of our team and our solution to achieve them. Assigning to and lending us the right value for our Monthly Recurring Revenue (a proxy for sustainability) has been a win-win solution for both.” Luca, founder of HYRE.


Maintaining a healthy cash flow


During the first financing round with Tapline, Luca wanted to secure additional capital, before raising their next equity investment. Moreover, facing the lack of quick access to liquidity in the market, they needed a flexible solution like Taplines to maintain a healthy cash flow to be used for growth.

With the capital, they were able to keep a stable cash flow and boost their product development, providing the necessary resources to innovate and stay ahead in a competitive market.

“The financing helped us increase the speed of our product development and gave us more flexibility to operate and grow, keeping a healthy cashflow line” Luca, HYRE’s founder.


The real meaning of “Growing together”


Not 1, 2, or 3, but many transactions with Tapline!

More sales talents are demanding an easier and more transparent way to take the next step in their career, at the same time, companies are looking for solutions that provide them with the right pre-qualification and matching to find the best sales talent fit.

HYRE, with a rapidly expanding customer base, considered making several transactions and investing in its platform development. That is due to Tapline’s solid customer support and transparency at all levels.

Founder of HYRE Luca “The onboarding process was smooth, and Tapline’s team was readily available to explain and simplify each step of the process along the way. This level of support ensured transparency and safety throughout the process.”


“The speed, quality of service, and the positive outcomes achieved make Tapline a trusted and valuable finance partner for HYRE’s growth journey.” Luca, HYRE founder.


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