How to import CSV Payments into Tapline

16. January 2024
2 mins read

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To accurately analyze your company and estimate the appropriate funding amount, it is essential for us to have access to your subscription data, this also includes the payment history. While we highly recommend using automated subscription managers like Chargebee for their convenience and efficiency, we understand that certain situations may require a more manual approach, such as uploading subscriptions via a CSV file. This guide aims to provide you with a step-by-step explanation of how to upload payments CSV into our platform.


Don’t spend too much time fixing your CSV. We receive your file right after you drag and drop it. So, even if you struggle with formatting the CSV, no worries – you can try 3 times and then close the import dialog. We have your file and will fix it for you.


Step 1: Go to your settings

Navigate to the Settings View within the Tapline dashboard. Click on “Upload CSV” button, which will open the upload dialog.

Here, you can download the example CSV that contains all the necessary fields.



Step 2: Prepare your CSV

We ask you for the payment history of the last 24 months. Your CSV should contain the payment data in comma or column-separated format (“,” or “;”), with the first line as the header and each consecutive row a payment for a specific subscription .

Header NameDescriptionPossible ValuesExample
PaymentIDThe identification number of this payment1002
SubscriptionIDThe id of the subscription that this payment was made for. Needs to be the exact ID as defined in the suscription CSV "SubscriptionID" column42202
AmountThe net amount that the customer paid100.34
CurrencyBase currency of the paymentEUR
DateOfPaymentDate when the payment was executedDate in format30.06.2022



Step 3: Upload your Payments CSV

Upload your CSV by dragging and dropping the file into the dialog box or by clicking on the upload area.

Payments CSV Dialog
Payments CSV Dialog



Step 4: Submit your CSV

Finalize the upload by clicking on the “Import Selected Data” button. We

will start evaluating your data right away and get back to you.



Most Common errors
  • “There are some additional fields, please correct them and try again”: This message indicates that your CSV contains too many fields. Ensure you only have the 13 required fields as shown in the table. Also, make sure that none of your entries contain CSV separators like “,” or “;”, as these will create a new field.



Now you know how to upload CSV payments into Tapline in four easy steps. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.”


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