Why Talk'N'Job used Tapline's solution for their cash flow needs?

21. March 2024
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Celebrating another success story!

Excited to collaborate with Talk’n’Job, a virtual voice-guided job application platform, serving 180+ clients across 7 countries, including major names like REWE, NHS, Würth, and Aldi.

Our team engaged with Markus Krampe, CEO and co-founder, addressing Talk’ N’ Job’s financial needs.


Talk’N’Job’s CEO words:


“Tapline’s swift financing proved to be the pragmatic solution for TalknJob’s cash flow needs.

Collaborating with their hands-on, solution-oriented team, we seamlessly advanced our investment in sales and marketing, successfully meeting our objectives.

Tapline’s efficiency and client-focused approach make them a definite choice for our future needs”, Markus Krampe, CEO of Talk’N’Job.


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