Tapline's partnership with a leading subscription manager platform : Chargebee

16. May 2023
< 1 min read

We have partnered with Chargebee, a subscription manager platform that combines billing, automation, subscription management, and revenue analytics in one central hub.

Our partnership will contribute to our customers’ growth and satisfaction. Also, it will enable us to merge our strengths, skills, and resources to optimize their financial performance and ensure their sustainability.

By combining our expertise in SaaS company’s growth, and in-depth knowledge in advanced analytics and machine learning, we will be able to deliver an intelligent financing solution to Chargebee customers. This will enable them to predict their future cashflows and raise instant and non-dilutive capital.

Our expert team is extremely delighted to partner with Chargebee! We are dedicated to help its users to overcome their financing challenges.

Chargebee’s users will benefit from  Free access to Tapline’s predictive finance dashboard and facilitated terms for financing.


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