Find out the answers to our most frequently asked questions. For more info reach out to us on [email protected]

Tapline is a trading platform that enables companies to raise capital against their subscription receivables. This means, tapping into non-dilutive capital to further grow your business on your terms

Signing up is fast and easy. Simply sign up and connect your existing bank account, accounting software & subscription management platform

For investors, you can contact [email protected]

SaaS companies and D2C subscription business models. If you have at least €8k monthly recurring revenue (MRR), we are happy to fund you. If your MRR is below that, simply sign-up to take advantage of our free dashboard analytics until you are ready to be financed by us

There's no impact to your end customers & the way you normally bill your clients will not be impacted at all. It truly is hassle free

EU wide, contact us for more insights

Zero and there is no obligation to trade once you sign up. Signing up takes a few minutes and you can take advantage of our FREE financial and business dashboard, providing you the metrics to efficiently run your business

After onboarding and through our proprietary risk model, we will approve you with up to 60% of your Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR). Just amazing!

Simple, Transparent, and clean. We only charge 1% on the trading value. That’s it. No future share of your precious revenues or long outdated repayment periods

Simply connected your accounting software, billing subscription manager and a view-only business bank feed

Contact [email protected] straight away and you’ll be sorted

24 hours after onboarding you can expect some fresh capital to further grow your business

No. Tapline is not a loan

You can trade new contracts as often as you like within the new trading limits provided. Your trading limit is automatically reassessed every week

No problem. If a customer churns before 12 months, you can simply allow Tapline to swap another contract to cover the churn or you can rebate the capital you received upfront on a prorated basis for the churned period No fuss. No extra fees

On the day you decide, simply repay yourself or set up a direct debit. The choice is in your hands

We are here for you. Contact [email protected] anytime